LP Criticizes NLC’s Protest at National Secretariat in Abuja

By Milcah Tanimu

The Labour Party (LP) has strongly criticized the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) for its recent protest at the LP’s National Headquarters in Abuja, where demands were made for the removal of National Chairman, Julius Abure.

In a demonstration led by members of the NLC Political Commission, protesters gathered at the LP’s national headquarters chanting solidarity slogans and calling for Abure’s dismissal. However, their attempt to access the party’s secretariat was thwarted by security personnel deployed to maintain order in the area.

Kennedy Ahanotu, the LP’s National Youth Leader, expressed disappointment with the NLC’s handling of the situation during an interview with The Punch. Ahanotu criticized the nationwide picketing of the party’s secretariats by NLC protesters, labeling it as an abuse of power.

He emphasized the importance of respecting the boundaries of the law within Nigeria’s democratic framework, suggesting that if the NLC’s actions are unlawful, they will face legal consequences. Ahanotu stressed that the NLC should prioritize addressing workers’ issues such as minimum wage, healthcare, fuel crises, and nationwide insecurity, rather than engaging in political confrontations.

Furthermore, he cautioned against displaying partisanship in practical politics, stating that the NLC’s role should primarily focus on advocating for workers’ welfare and not interfering in political affairs. Ahanotu also raised concerns regarding the extended tenures of the chairman and secretary of the NLC Political Commission, questioning the democratic nature of their prolonged leadership.

In conclusion, Ahanotu urged for a more constructive approach to resolving conflicts between the NLC and the LP, emphasizing the importance of upholding democratic principles and avoiding unnecessary power struggles.


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