Nasarawa and Benue Governors Unite to Address Insecurity and Food Crisis

By Milcah Tanimu

Governors from Nasarawa and Benue states have joined forces to tackle the pressing issues of insecurity, food shortages, and economic development in their respective regions.

Following a closed-door meeting in Lafia, Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State revealed that both states have devised comprehensive strategies aimed at fostering peace, enhancing agricultural productivity, and tapping into the abundant solid mineral resources within their territories.

Highlighting the shared challenges faced by Nasarawa and Benue, Governor Alia emphasized the importance of cooperation in resolving issues such as farmer-herder clashes, communal disputes, and banditry, which have plagued the region and hindered progress.

Governor Alia underscored the potential for economic prosperity in both states, given Nasarawa’s wealth in solid minerals and Benue’s agricultural abundance. He stressed the need for continuous collaboration to overcome insecurity and promote sustainable development.

Expressing solidarity with the people of Nasarawa, Governor Alia emphasized the significance of his visit in fostering unity and exploring avenues for mutual economic advancement.

Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State reciprocated the sentiment, acknowledging the shared objectives and mutual benefits that would arise from the collaboration between the two states. He lauded Governor Alia’s leadership and expressed optimism about the positive outcomes of their joint efforts.

Governor Sule also congratulated Governor Alia on his recent leadership award, recognizing his commitment to the welfare and development of Benue State.

In conclusion, Governor Sule assured ongoing cooperation between Nasarawa and Benue, pledging to prioritize peace-building initiatives, infrastructure development, and agricultural advancement to propel both states towards sustainable growth and stability, not only within the North Central region but across Nigeria as a whole.


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