Nasarawa State Youth Coalition Expresses Concerns Ahead of Supreme Court Judgment

In a press conference held on Saturday, the Nasarawa State Youth Coalition, representing youths from across the state, voiced their concerns and hopes regarding the impending Supreme Court judgment on the 2023 gubernatorial election petition.

The coalition highlighted the peaceful nature of the March 18, 2023 election, where voters exercised their democratic right. Despite the widespread belief in Hon. David Emmanuel Ombugadu of the PDP as the anticipated winner, Engr. Audu Sule of the APC was declared victorious by INEC, sparking peaceful protests across the state.

Barr. Iliya Ashokpa Auna, representing the coalition, stated, “This unjust decision created despair and threatened to cast doubt on the meaning of democracy and its real intent. The outcome left the people with their voices muffled, harassed, and silenced.”

While the election tribunal declared Hon. David Emmanuel Ombugadu as the rightful winner, Governor Sule appealed the decision. The Court of Appeal, to the dismay of the people, granted Sule’s wishes based on technicalities rather than merit.

Now facing the Supreme Court, the final arbiter, the coalition hopes for a judgment that restores hope in democracy. They expressed awareness of individuals seeking to manipulate the outcome based on personal interests and ill-gotten wealth, emphasizing their belief in the Supreme Court’s integrity.

“We commend the justices for restoring hope and the president, who refused to interfere but joined in safeguarding the principles of separation of powers,” said Barr. Iliya Ashokpa Auna. The coalition called for prayers from well-meaning Nigerians for justice to prevail in the Supreme Court, peace in the nation, and unity in communities.

Barr. Iliya Ashokpa Auna reiterated the coalition’s faith in the Supreme Court, stating, “We stand united in our belief that justice will prevail, and that the true will of the people is upheld in tune with the renewed hope mantra of Mr. President.”


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