Nasarawa: Women boo Ganduje as he commissions Gov. Sule’s 1.7km road

Nasarawa protesting women on Saturday booed the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress Abdullahi Ganduje, Gov. Abdullahi Sule and other dignitaries enroute to the government house via Jos- Shendam road, Lafia, to witness the rejoining of Senator Solomon Ewuga, who had prior to the 2023 elections, indicated that he was done with partisan politics opting to be either a traditional rule or a resting elder statesman.

However, In a move that sparked public scrutiny, the former governor of Kano state and the current APC chairman Abdullahi Ganduje had earlier arrived in Akwanga Local Government to commission another 1.7 km internal road and a remodeled VIP lodge located in Akwanga, home local governmentof Engr Sule, a significant achievement for him after almost 5 years in office.

In a statement sent to journalist, Ibrahim Yusuf leader of the concerned citizens of Nasarawa state Akwanga chapter articulated the sentiments of the community, stating, “We appreciate any effort towards development, but it’s disheartening to see such a high-profile delegation commissioning what appears to be a relatively small-scale project after 4 years of our son as governor of the state adding that “we a laughing stock.”

There are more pressing needs and larger infrastructural gaps that require urgent attention in our community.”

“While any development is welcomed, it feels like a disproportionate expectation and resource use at this time. There are schools without proper facilities and roads in dire need of repair within our locality and this?. He asked.

The group continued to voice their discontent, drawing comparisons between the scale of development projects in Kano State under Ganduje’s tenure and the seemingly disproportionate projects being commissioned in Nasarawa state most especially, this one in Akwanga.

“It’s baffling to witness a stark contrast between the magnitude of road projects in Kano, all exceeding 100km, and the insignificance of a 1.7km road being celebrated here,” Ibrahim Yusuf further remarked.

He then challenged Ganduje, stating, “We demand an explanation on how a VIP lodge, in any way, addresses the pressing developmental needs of our community.”

Addressing Ganduje’s remarks on Lafia, the state capital as developed’ the group condemned what they perceived as derogatory comments towards Nasarawa people.

“Disparaging our state capital as “developed” only reflects a lack of respect for our people. Lafia does not match any local government in Kano in terms of infrastructural development or otherwise.
“It looks like Ganjude and their returnee colleague, Solomon Ewuga, are hired to shore up Sule’s very sagged popularity, and both are not the best models.”

He reiterated that Sen. Ewugu had already made public his reason for returning to Nasarawa APC politics while Ganduje’s antecedents speak for itself, and if this is their style, then they have an upheal task convincing the already determinedNasarawa people at this time.”


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