National Figures Gather for Dialogue on State Policing: Jonathan, Abdulsalami, and Others Present

In Abuja, a significant gathering including former military Head of State Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar (retd.), ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, and retired Catholic Archbishop John Onaiyekan has convened to initiate discussions on state policing.

Organized by the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the event marks the beginning of deliberations on the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (alteration) bill 2023 (Establishment of State Police).

Spearheaded by Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu and supported by 13 others, the bill aims to bolster public safety and law enforcement in Nigeria through the decentralization of the police force.

Proposing the incorporation of state police alongside the federal police, the bill seeks to establish a constitutional framework for states interested in establishing and managing their law enforcement agencies.

In his opening remarks, Kalu stated, “The bill aims to clarify the scope of the powers and responsibilities of the federal and state police and to provide for their funding and oversight.”


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