Ndume Defends Criticism of CBN Office Relocation, Dismisses Tribal Allegations



Ali Ndume, the Chief Whip of the Senate, stands by his critique of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s decision to relocate certain departments from Abuja to Lagos. He asserts that his comments were rooted in practical concerns rather than tribal biases.

In January, the CBN announced plans to move some departments to Lagos, a decision echoed by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria. Ndume voiced apprehensions, suggesting potential political repercussions for President Bola Tinubu in 2027 if these relocations proceeded.

While his remarks faced backlash for insensitivity, Ndume, in a recent statement, maintains his stance, citing the practicality and necessity of his intervention. He refutes allegations targeting his daughter, a CBN staff member, emphasizing her qualifications for the role.

Undeterred by criticism and subtle attempts at coercion, Ndume pledges to continue highlighting governmental shortcomings to aid Tinubu’s success. He challenges detractors to examine their assumptions, revealing familial ties to the Yoruba community as evidence of his non-partisan stance.

Ndume urges the CBN governor to prioritize addressing economic challenges like exchange rate volatility and inflation over administrative relocations to Lagos, a densely populated city.

Asserting his independence, Ndume clarifies that his interventions reflect his individual perspective, not representing any specific region or group. He reaffirms his commitment to serving Nigeria’s interests and supporting Tinubu, while also advocating for sound policy decisions in the nation’s best interest.


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