NGO urges youths to shun cultism, embrace life of safety

The Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Advocacy (LEAD) Network, an NGO, has urged youths to shun cultism and embrace life of safety and security among themselves.

The Executive Director of LEAD Network, Mr Chukwuma Okenwa, gave the advice while speaking with our correspondent in Enugu on Tuesday.

Our correspondent reports that there had been rising issues of rival cult clashes in some parts of Enugu State; while some yet-to-be identified young men were been killed recently as have been confirmed by the police.

According to Okenwa, cultism and engaging in cult-related activities is a big distraction to young people’s destiny and future ambition.

“Why will any youth want to put his life at stake.

“That you are always afraid of your life and every slightest sound of the gun or noise you hear you start thinking who is after your life.

“Every one should live free. Safety and security should go together. And safety starts from the state of one’s mind.

“You must be secured internally before the outward security will work for you.

“You must have that internal assurance that no one is hunting you and there is no seed you have sown in the time past that is probably hunting after you,’’ he said.

Okenwa, who is also the convener of Employability and Entrepreneurship Summit (EES), however, encouraged young people to live meaningful and impactful lives.

“The disadvantages in cultism are much higher than the advantages that they might erroneously believe that cultism present to them.

“Young people should start `thinking global’ and how to fare in their local and international environment, socio-economic and political space.

“Think more and better of the bigger future and leave myopic and short-sighted pursuits,’’ he added. 


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