Nigerian youth ready to revolt if…Governorship Candidate

By: Maryam Musa Sen-Abuja
Any attempt to manipulate the 2023 electoral processes or the general elections could lead to far reaching consequences or even a revolution by Nigerian youths: Captain Kadafur Mshelia; Governorship candidate of the Labour Party, LP, in Borno State, has warned.
Speaking during an interview on National TRAIL newspaper podium, the aircraft pilot said, seeing the display of anger and enthusiasm towards effecting a change in Nigeria by the youths, no one dares try any of the hitherto bad practices attached to elections.
According to him, both the People’s Democratic Party, PDP and the All Progressives Congress, APC, have forfeited the confidence of Nigerians and the youths are poised for a change, stressing that, any attempt to stand in their way could spell doom for the country.
He told National TRAIL editors that, youths constitute 60% of the voting population in Nigeria, and greater number of them have obtained voters cards: meaning they will make the difference.
I sympathize with Nigerians given the suffering we are passing through, but I have high hopes that things could be better, with the degree of mobilization amongst the youths for a change”, he noted.
“My warning to Nigeria politicians is not to take the youths for granted in the forthcoming elections, as one can see the fire in their eyes that they are ready for a showdown if any attempt is made to manipulate the process or the elections”, Mshelia added.
Equating the level of mobilization amongst Nigerian youths towards the elections as a moving train, Mshelia said, any politician who tests their resolution stands the risk of losing out.
The Labour Party candidate said, Nigeria is at the verge of rewriting her political history, and only people with honest and patriotic zeal stand the chance of surviving, politically.
Peter Obi of the Labour Party is the face of the new spirit amongst Nigerians, at the National level, while he represents the desired change in Borno State.
On why he accepted to run for the Governorship of Borno State for the second time, Kadafur Mshelia said the signs of victory are ominous and given the assurance from the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, that the votes of Nigerians will count this time around, he feel the time is ripe.
On his chances against an incumbent Governor Professor Babagana Umara Zulum in Borno State, Mshelia said, all the achievements paraded were mere press shows, as there are no concomitant results on ground.
He said, “because of the failures of the Borno State Governor Professor Babagana Umara Zulum, the people of the state have showed their desires for a change and I represents that change”.


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