NiMet Anticipates Nationwide Dust Haze and Localized Thunderstorms

By Milcah Tanimu

The latest weather forecast from NiMet, issued on Thursday in Abuja, predicts the occurrence of moderate dust haze with reduced visibility and isolated thunderstorms across the entire country on Friday.

NiMet highlights that the northern region and North-Central states may experience a horizontal visibility range of 2 – 5 km, posing potential challenges for both road and air travel. The agency underscores the importance of precautionary measures due to suspended dust particles.

“On Friday, the 12th, moderate dust haze is expected with a horizontal visibility range of 2 – 5 km over the Northern region and the North Central states throughout the forecast period. Patches of clouds in the hazy atmosphere are anticipated in the morning hours over inland cities of the South and coastal states, with the likelihood of localized thunderstorms over parts of Delta, Bayelsa, and Rivers states in the afternoon/evening periods,” states the agency.

NiMet further emphasizes the significance of proactive measures for airline operators, urging them to stay informed about the latest weather reports to facilitate effective operational planning.

The agency also provides advice to disaster risk managers, agencies, and individuals, encouraging them to take proactive steps to prevent potential loss of lives and property.


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