Omokri Criticizes Abati Over Tinubu Query

By Milcah Tanimu

Reno Omokri has criticized Arise TV host Dr. Reuben Abati for questioning what Seyi Tinubu, the son of the President, does for a living. Omokri argued that Abati’s inquiry casts doubt on his credibility as a journalist. Abati’s remarks came in response to Seyi Tinubu accompanying his father to Qatar for a business summit. Abati expressed his opinion, stating that individuals should be self-sufficient and not depend on their parents’ status for opportunities. In response, Omokri asserted that if he were the President of Nigeria, he would refrain from taking his children on official overseas business trips due to potential negative optics and political repercussions. However, he clarified that there is nothing inherently wrong with such trips legally. Omokri cited examples of other prominent figures, including Margaret Thatcher, President Obasanjo, and Joe Biden, who had taken their children on business-related trips. He defended Seyi Tinubu’s participation in the Qatar trip, stating that he is involved in various legitimate businesses. Omokri acknowledged criticisms of the trip and highlighted that President Buhari had publicly reprimanded Seyi Tinubu for attending a government meeting erroneously labeled as a business summit. In conclusion, Omokri criticized Abati’s question about Seyi Tinubu’s occupation, arguing that it undermines his credibility as a journalist. He defended Seyi Tinubu’s involvement in business activities and reiterated that while the President’s actions may be criticized due to the country’s current division, there is no legal wrongdoing.


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