Osun State Government Clarifies Allocation for Meals and Entertainment in 2024 Budget



By Milcah Tanimu

Osun State Government has clarified the allocation for meals and entertainment in its 2024 budget, refuting claims that N11 billion was allocated for this purpose. According to the Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning, Professor Moruf Adeleke, the offices of the governor and secretary to the government were allocated a total of N702 million for meals and entertainment in 2024.

He explained that the office of the governor received about N600 million for meals and entertainment, while the office of the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) got about N102 million. Professor Adeleke emphasized that the N11 billion figure being circulated is the total recurrent expenditure for both offices, which include various agencies and sub-agencies.

The breakdown revealed that the office of the governor comprises about seven different agencies, such as the office of the deputy governor, chief of staff, bureau of general services, bureaus of government house and protocol, and the bureau of parastatals. These collectively make up the entire conglomerate of the office of the governor, which was allocated approximately N8 billion for total recurrent expenditure.

The clarification aims to address misconceptions and misinformation regarding the budget allocation for meals and entertainment in Osun State for the year 2024.


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