Outcry Ensues as Legislator Allegedly Barred from Assembly Complex Over Keke Usage



By Daniel Edu

Udemezue Bernard Abuchi, the elected representative for Ayamelum Constituency in the Anambra State House of Assembly, faced obstruction when attempting to enter the Assembly complex, reportedly due to his use of a tricycle, commonly referred to as a Keke.

A video circulating online captured Abuchi’s evident dissatisfaction with the decision to deny him entry into the Assembly complex. In the video, he vehemently protested, asserting that he had not been provided with a car. Meanwhile, women in the background commented that the legislators would soon receive cars and mentioned that tricycles were not permitted within the complex.

The video swiftly triggered a range of responses from individuals on social media platforms.

User ada_thefirst conveyed, “And listen to them shouting ‘very soon.’ It’s almost become a customary practice now. They use our tax money to purchase cars for themselves because they dislike being seen in a tricycle.”

Another user, themeatvilla, offered an alternative perspective: “However, they might have granted him access based on self-recognition.”

The incident shines a light on the ongoing debate surrounding the privileges and treatment of legislators, especially in regard to their transportation options and access to official premises.


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