PDP Commends Abia’s Move to Scrap Ex-Governors’ Pensions, Urges Lagos to Follow Suit

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State has lauded the decision by the Abia House of Assembly and Governor Emmanuel Otti to revoke the pension law for ex-governors and deputies. Calling it a positive step, the State PDP Chairman, Philip Aivoji, urged Lagos State to emulate Abia’s move in the interest of the state.

Abia Assembly recently passed a bill to cease payment of pensions to former governors and deputies, signed into law by Governor Otti. Aivoji commended this action, emphasizing the need for other states to follow suit. He argued that such pensions are inappropriate, especially during times of economic hardship, and urged states to prioritize citizens’ welfare and infrastructure development over former officials’ benefits.

In a related development, the Lagos State House of Assembly has also considered a bill to repeal similar pension laws, with proposed reductions in benefits and emoluments for former officials.


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