Pharmacists Take Campaign On ADR To Market

By Eyo AKAISO, Lagos
Pharmacists working in hospitals under the auspices of Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria, Lagos state chapter recently stormed Shomolu market to sensitize the people on the scourge of rising cases of Adverse Drug Reactions and what to do when they occur.
Leading them to the venue of the sensitization campaign was the chapter chairman, Pharm Kotun flanked by some of her cabinet members.
Before the movement to the market, the pharmacists were themselves drilled on the issue and that of leadership in an hospital setting.
The two lectures were presented by University dons, namely Pharm. Lere Baale, a professor of pharmacology from Bayero University, Kano and Dr. Ibrahim Oregba of the University of Lagos.
In his lecture, Baale harped on the need for pharmacists to believe in themselves, stressing that as long as Healthcare delivery is concerned they occupy a strategic position in the scheme of things.
On the issue of leadership, he encouraged them to inspire their own as leadership strives most through inspiration. He advised pharmacists not to play second fiddle to the medical practitioners, as nobody was born a leader but through din of hard work one can earn leadership position.
On his part, the second lecturer of the day described adverse drug reaction as an ill wind that blows no one in the drug chain any good.
“When adverse drug reaction occurs it makes all the parties involved uncomfortable, the doctor that prescribed, the pharmacist that dispensed and the end user”, he added.
According to him, adverse drug reaction could occur even when the drug dispensed was genuine and given according to prescription. He however advised that in event of adverse drug reaction it should be reported to appropriate quarter instead of recommending another drug which could aggravate the condition of the victim and result to death.
The lecturer who dropped a toll free number, 20543 to be called in advent of adverse drug reaction, regretted that many lives lost would not have been lost if some care givers had followed simple instructions.
The lectures session was to mark the association’s day in the just concluded 2016 week of PSN, Lagos state chapter.
In an exclusive chat with national Trail correspondent, the chair, pharm (Mrs) Kotun explained that the essence of the lectures was to keep members of the association abreast of their roles as far as health care delivery was concerned.
She expressed happiness over the impressive attendance at the workshop despite the then ongoing PSN week and urged the public to report any sign of adverse drug reaction to the toll free number earlier given by the lecturer, irrespective of how minor it was.


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