Poor Living Condition: IDPs Protest In Maduguri

Internally displaced persons at the Gidan Taki camp yesterday 24th August, 2014 protested while demanding the immediate removal of the camp chairman over allegations of diversion of foodstuff meant for them.

NationalTrail gathered that displaced persons from the camp took to the street of Maiduguri en mass and barricaded the Maiduguri – Gamboru Ngala road hindering movement of vehicles for over an hour.

They demanded for the sack of Mohammed Sema, the camp Chairman over allegations of diverting supplies until security personnel at the camp intervened.

Also on August 25 2016 Angry and hungry IDPs at ATC camp took their protest to the street blocking the ever busy Kano road in Maiduguri. Security personnel have to rush to the scene to restore normalcy.

Some of the persons taking refuge in the camps who spoke on condition of anonymity said they want the Presidency and the National Assembly members to summon the Government of Borno State officials who are charged with the responsibility of IDPs to appear before a panel to find out the truth about diversion of food that were meant for them, some of them even prayed that anyone who mastermind the diversion should be punished by God so that they should equally be push by the circumstance that made them to be at the camps.

In another related development the entire North Eastern Part of Nigeria is witnessing daily increment of food items due to the fact that last year for the fear of Insurgent attack many people could not embark on farming as a result there is shortage of food items in the market for buyers to buy it was gather that a bag of maize is at N20, 000.00 twenty Thousand Naira only in fact the maize is not even available on ground in the Market to buy.
The people are calling the attention of the Presidency to declare food as a state of emergency in the region because sooner or later the accompanying sister of hunger and starvation which is pestilence and diseases will surface, the people lamented that the evils of Boko Haram have not been stamped out yet while this new problem of food is coming up with a new face of hunger.


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