Reported Attempted Coup in Edo: Governor Obaseki Seen as Target of Political Opportunists – Shaibu

…urges mischief makers to desist from attempts to widen gulf between them

There are concerted efforts by some people described as mischief makers and political jobbers to destabilise Edo State and widen the gulf between the state governor Godwin Obaseki and himself, the deputy governor Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu, has revealed.

Reacting to a ‘shocking’ statement, by Governor Obaseki where he alleged desperation and a coup to oust him, Shaibu while speaking to his aides in Benin on Saturday said political jobbers sold the dummy to the governor whom he referred to as his ‘elder brother’ with a view to provoking more crisis so they can benefit from it.

According to him, it is preposterous to contemplate a coup to a man who has given him too much latitude.

The Deputy Governor while denouncing the allegations stated categorically that these claims are not only baseless but also malicious attempts by political jobbers hell-bent on misleading the governor with the singular aim of damaging my reputation and sowing seeds of discord between me and my brother governor.

Shaibu reiterated his unwavering loyalty to Governor Obaseki and the principles of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to which they both belong. That it is a privilege to serve as Governor Obaseki’s Deputy, and consistently within the last seven years demonstrated his commitment to the advancement of a shared vision for Edo State. Any insinuation that he harbours ulterior motives or seeks to undermine the Governor’s leadership is nothing short of a fabrication.

He maintained that he believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration. As a testament to this, himself and Governor Obaseki have worked tirelessly together to deliver on the promises they made to the good people of Edo State. Their achievements in various sectors, including education, healthcare, infrastructure, and job creation, are a testament to this collective effort and the synergy between their offices.

That as Deputy Governor, his role is to support and complement the Governor’s agenda, not to undermine it. I have consistently advocated for policies and initiatives that align with this administration’s goals and aspirations. It is disheartening to see such baseless allegations being propagated, as they only serve to distract the administration from its primary objective of serving the people of Edo State.

RT. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu said he remains an unrepentant democrat who believes in the democratic process and respects the mandate given to Governor Obaseki and his humble self by the people of Edo State. The idea that he would consider a coup to overthrow a democratically elected government is not only absurd but also deeply offensive.

The deputy governor urged the media and the public to approach these allegations with the skepticism they deserve. He encouraged all to focus on the issues that truly matter to the people of Edo State—improving their lives, providing quality education, ensuring accessible healthcare, and creating employment opportunities.

He concluded by reiterating that Governor Obaseki and himself are committed to the continued development of Edo State. United in their determination to build a prosperous and inclusive society. He called upon all well-meaning individuals to reject these divisive narratives and join in the quest to transform Edo State into a model of sustainable development and good governance. Edo state PDP politicians should embrace peace and seek unity to fight the common enemy.

Our investigation also reveals that the deputy governor did not refuse to join the governor in the selection of commissioners in Etsako LGCs. According to our source, on that day, the Governor sent his deputy to proceed to Edo north to resolve some political crises. He was on his way when the chief of Staff to the Governor called that the governor needs his attention in Benin.

The Deputy allegedly informed the CoS to inform the governor that he was already close to Afuze axis to address the issue he directed him to do. The governor allegedly acknowledged this call.

Sources revealed that the Deputy has always appreciated his elder brother the governor wherever he gives him tasks. The appointment of political office holders is the prerogative of the governor, therefore, if governor decides to allow his deputy to nominate candidates to fill any position is a privilege.
The source said that political jobbers who also include hack writers have generated more lies from the pit of hell, saying that Rt Hon Comrade Philip Shaibu has perfected plans to rejoin the All-Progressives Congress, APC next week. “There is no iota of truth in this,” he said.

“To further put a lie to this, the spin doctors claimed that the APC National Working Committee, NWC is set to receive him in Abuja. The question here for the discerning minds is that, is it the NWC of a party that receives a decampee into the party? Shaibu has never minced words, vowing to sink and swim with his principal, Governor Godwin Obaseki. This, he has said severally at public fora.”

According to him, these evil men acting as agents of evil have come up with unbelievable accusations like coming late to State Executive meetings, attempting to slap the Secretary to the State Government, being the brain behind feuds between: Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and governor, Former Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike and Obaseki , Dan Orbih and Obaseki and many others that their wild and dangerous imaginations can come up with.

“In view of this, I plead with these characters bent on driving a wedge between Comrade Philip Shaibu and his boss, Governor Godwin Obaseki to put the Edo project and the people far above their own selfish interest,” he added.

Recall that Governor Obaseki claimed on Friday that Shaibu, will explore every avenue to achieve his governorship ambition, including plotting a coup to oust him (the incumbent) from office.

The governor said this during a meeting with elders and leaders from Etsako West, East and Central Local Government Areas of the State, held in Jattu, Etsako West council as part of campaigns for the September 2, 2023, local council election.

He said, “My Deputy Governor has become so desperate to take over and is ready to do anything, including carrying out a coup d’etat to ensure he kicks me out and becomes the governor of Edo State.”


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