Reps Cry Out Over Consistence High Cost of Living

From Lateef Taiwo

The House of Representatives on Tuesday made a passionate appeal to the Federal Government and all critical stakeholders to immediately open up the national food reserve in the country for the purpose of producing massive food production as hunger is biting harder across board.

This followed a motion of urgent National importance moved during plenary yesterday by Hon. Ibrahim Isiaka on the urgent need for government to activate measures airm at reducing cost of living in the country.

The lawmaker while presenting his motion lamented incessant increase of food prices and other necessary products in the markets.

He, thereafter urged the government to increase food production and improve distribution as well as
ensuring adequate access to fertilizers and crop diversification in the country.

The House also called on the government at the centre to explore full scale importation of grains, poultry products , healthcare and Pharmaceutical products from top exporting Countries in the World as a short-term measure to tackle good and product scarcity.

Lawmakers informed that increasing trade financing and reinforcing supply chains could be a tool to address the current cost of living price shocks when properly utilize.

The House also appealed to manufacturers, producers, middlemen, sellers of goods and services and other relevant stakeholders, to temper justice with mercy and to be very realistic in the aggressive manners at which incessant prices are placed astronomically on goods and services across the country.

Lawmakers during the debate also agreed that they are convinced that the various radical policies and approaches of the government are not only necessary but, compulsory to propel the nation into the new era of robust economy as well as improved standard of living and emergence of Nigeria as an economic destination of the world.

“But, the caveat is, the gestation period that has to come with unbearable hardship. Truly, incisions of a tribal mark is associated with pains and only when it heals that the beauty radiates. Roasted dog can be very sweet when it is well dried, but what does one eat before the dog is dried. The fowl has currently perched on a rope; the rope is not at peace and the fowl is not also at peace. Water inside the bath we are carrying is half full and both the bath and the head are shaking”.

Consequently, the House also urged the government to embark upon high-impact measures, such as investing in new crop varieties, improving water management, and information dissemination.


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