“Reps Vow to Address Soaring Cement Prices with Legislative Measures”

By Milcah Tanimu

The House of Representatives has pledged to enact legislation aimed at curbing the skyrocketing prices of cement in Nigeria.

During a public hearing in Abuja on Tuesday to investigate the continuous rise in cement costs, Speaker Tajudeen Abass assured Nigerians of the House’s commitment to addressing the issue.

Abass emphasized that the purpose of the public hearing was to shed light on the situation and explore possible solutions. He expressed concern over the adverse effects of high cement prices on the construction sector and the economy at large.

Highlighting Nigeria’s housing deficit of over 3 million, Abass stressed the necessity for affordable cement prices to bridge this gap. He affirmed the parliament’s dedication to promoting industrialization and supporting small and medium enterprises through appropriate legislation.

The Speaker reiterated the House’s readiness to collaborate with both cement manufacturers and consumers to improve citizens’ quality of life.

Committee Chairman on Solid Minerals, Jonathan Gaza, clarified that the public hearing aimed to find sustainable solutions rather than engage in a witch-hunt. He assured stakeholders of an open discussion to address challenges within the built environment.

The committee presented findings indicating that Nigeria had the highest cement prices among countries like Kenya, India, and Zambia in 2021, based on official exchange rates. This data underscores the urgency of addressing the issue through legislative intervention.


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