Researcher Proves Herbal Medicines Superior To Orthodox

Nigerian phytho-medicinal researcher, Pharm. Ben Amodu who doubles as the Chief researcher in Halamin Herbal Products in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has reemphasized that herbal medicine could succeed where orthodox ones has failed in the treatment of both communicable and non communicable diseases.
Amodu spoke to journalists in his office recently in Abuja. Dissatisfied with the way the Federal Government has been going about herbs in the country, he therefore tasked them to take the branch of medicine very serious, saying that where the orthodox ones have failed, herbs have succeeded.
The effect of Halamin herbal products to modern diseases has been widely publicized in the local and international media. He narrated the latest on his herbal supplements, among which was a patient with 6.2mm stone kidney that was dissolved in 15 days to 0.6mm with the pain gone within three days.
He explained that the test was done in Zitadel Medical Diagnostic Ltd, Abuja where the stone in the kidney, according to him was also confirmed to have been reduced to zero. An old man with Prostate Cancer (PSA) of about 12.40 after taking his herbal combinations, according to him went for a test after a month and got a result of 2.3 with easy passage of urine, adding that his installed catheter fell off on its own.
Pharm. Ben Amodu further disclosed that another patient with PSA of 12.8 on medical evacuation to India got cured after using the product combinations. He said that the patient was declared free of the ailment when tested in the Indian hospital where he was billed for operation as his PSA was found to have shrunk to 7 from the 12.8, even as he informed that the patient narrated on how he visited other hospitals in India among which was Apolo Hospital and was advised to continue with his medication.
He appealed for FG’s encouragement of the use of herbs in the treatment of modern diseases. He stated that his product combinations have cured several patients of Hepatitis which according to him kills about 11 people daily in Nigeria.
He explained that a patient with a viral Hb of 170m who could not be cured in a high brow hospital in Nigeria was cured by his herbal supplements which reduced it to 83m within a month. Another one with a viral load of 124,500 was equally reduced to 2400, pointing out that his supplements reduced within two weeks, a viral load of 65,800 in a patient to 2,800.
He added that the most recent one that he treated perfectly was the case of a patient with 6,200 viral loads which his product combinations reduced to 6, saying that his United Kingdom consultant saw the ailment as incurable. “You can see how Herb succeeded where their Orthodox counterparts failed,” he explained.


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