Restructure Nigeria – Edo ULC Tells Government

By Ikhili Monday EBALU, Benin City

The need for the restructuring of our federation in order to address the feelings of the segment that make it up and make the nation more viable and productive has been emphasized.

Comrade Eddy Ossai, chairman of the United Labour Congress (ULC), Edo state chapter made this in Benin City during the workers day celebration.

Ossai said, there is need for the federal government to immediately find ways to stop the hemorrhaging of our jobs to foreigners who are employed by companies that receive waivers from Nigerians government.

He said, “ULC will join government to discourage all companies destroying collective bargaining platforms in order to encourage decent workplaces and enhanced terms and conditions of service for Nigerian workers.”

This year theme titled, “workers in a recessionary Economy and the Role of Trade Unions in recessionary Economy Issues and Challenges”

According to them, ” the Local government areas should be made autonomous from the chokehold of state governments”

He said, ” the Boko Haram, the OPC, the MASSOBS, the Ogoniagitators., the Ethnic Strife all over the country, the crimes of kidnappings, stealing, corruption, pipelines vandalization , sea piracy, armed Robbery, Assassinations, are closely related to deprivations which steam from inability to have access to work”

He said, United Labour. Congress {ULC), has come to stay and it will Liberate all Edo workers from these ills and urged those who have not belong to identify now with the United Labour Congress, (ULC).


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