RNII bestows “Award of Recognition” on Chief Linus Aku

A foremost civil society group, Restore Nigeria Integrity Initiative on Tuesday, honoured a senior staff of the Federal Ministry of Works, Chief Linus Aku with an ” Award of Recognition for his commitment to public service and dedication to humanity.

Presenting the award, the Executive Director of the group, Mr Victor Itsede, disclosed that the awardee is a dedicated and committed Nigerian, who accords respect to every everyone irrespective of tribe or religion.

He said ” Chief Aku, has demonstrated professionalism in several ways while interfacing with civil society organizations and well meaning Nigerian. He is a humble, and committed officer dedicated to the service of humanity.

“His exemplary role in the Ministry of Works, has encouraged more openness and transparency in the department he handles and this has given younger generation hope in the civil service practice. Aku is a distinguished public officer who has made modest contributions in the civil service realm in Nigeria.

“As an organisation with over 64 membership cut across the 54 senatorial diatrict in Nigeria, we are beyond committed to applauding performing public stewards and criticising, checkmating unperforming stewards; hence the reason for honouring Chief Aku. We hope this award will motivate and spur him to never rest on his oars but continue his giant strides in ensuring the development of the nation and betterment of humanity.” He added.

The group also revealed that by the virtue of being awarded, Chief Linus Aku, has been inducted as beacon of hope and honorary member of the Restore Nigeria Integrity Initiative.


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