Save Nigeria Movement accuses Obasanjo of raising tension, heating the polity in Nigeria

The Save Nigeria Movement has accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo of inflaming passion and raising tension in the country through his recent statements.

The group made the accusation at a press briefing in Abuja on Thursday, December 2021, urging the former president not to jeopardize the security of the country.

Addressing journalists at the briefing, Rev Solomon Semaka, Convener of the Save Nigeria Movement, alleged that Obasanjo has decided ”to embark on another round of divisive consultations conversant with his character.”

He continued:

”Media reports further indicate Obasanjo plans to co-opt past heads of state, traditional rulers, religious leaders, and some respected elder statesmen among which is a former federal commission, Pa Edwin Clark into the massive drive to divide the country.

”All these antics are in a bid to discredit President Buhari’s administration efforts having surpassed former president Obasanjo’s two terms in office both as military and civilian head of state.

”Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s antecedents are scary if allowed to fester. The Save Nigeria Movement is deeply concerned that Obasanjo would choose to inflame passions and raise tensions at this critical point in time when the federal government is consolidating on security.

”Former President Olusegun is urged to reconsider his personal agenda as it can only jeopardize national security. To this end, the Movement is suspicious of the former president and calls all Nigerians to speak in one voice against him.

”The Save Nigeria Movement is inclined to caution the former president to have a rethink if his personal intentions will not promote peace and unity in the country.

”This appeal is also a word of caution that should Obasanjo be bent on heating the polity and raising tensions, Nigerians will know who to hold responsible and demand for the law to take its full course.”

Rev Semaka said the group expects nothing but selfless service to the nation and moral support from people like former Obasanjo and not fanning the embers of disunity.

He added that Obasanjo has no moral right to be dissatisfied with the modest achievements of the Buhari administration, ”especially when he could not do better when Nigerians gave him the opportunity twice as military and civilian head of state.”

He further stated that

”Nigerians are proud of what President Buhari is doing to rescue the nation from the grip of people like Obasanjo who designated the country as a free zone for corruption for more than a decade.

”Nigerians from all walks of life are proud of the modest achievements recorded under the Buhari administration. From road infrastructure to massive social welfare packages and a historic recapture of territories hitherto held by insurgents and bandits.

”At least President Buhari has not mobilized soldiers to demolish communities and kill scores of innocent Nigerians like Obasanjo did in Odi, Bayelsa, and Zaki Biam, in Benue states respectively.

”President Buhari administration in all sincerity has admitted to challenges and taken steps to secure the nation, all the government needs now is wise counsel and moral support as opposed to acts that could jeopardize existing efforts in peace and security of the country.

”The whole world is watching and will join us in solidarity to hold anyone who would be responsible for acts that breach national security.”


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