Sheriff Calls For Investigation Into Kano Fire

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Senator Ali Modu Sheriff has advocated for proactive measures in checking the perennial fire incidents in Nigeria, describing the fire incident at the Sabon Gari market in Kano as one fire too many, coming on heels of a similar incident at the Singer market, also in Kano metropolis.

In a message of commiseration with traders who lost goods worth hundreds of millions of Naira in the fire, Sheriff called on Governent to look into the causes of such fire incidents which have tended to pile more stress on the already fragile economy in the country, with a view to preventing future occurrences.
He said the entire PDP family was moved by the plight of Kano traders on receiving the news of the fire occurrence in Kano and has already commenced a global mobilization of assistance to the victims in the face of current economic challenges.
The PDP National Chairman noted that, traders should be provided with insurance covers in the event of such incidents, stressing that the nature of Nigerian markets leave traders vulnerable, and only insurance covers, to be guaranteed by the management of markets can serve as safety valves.
While calling for thorough investigation in order to ascertain there was no foul play in last Saturday’s fire, he commiserated with the victims of the Kano incident, calling on traders to always avoid putting pressures on facilities provided in markets, the consequence of which could result into avoidable accidents.
He called on Nigerians to always be their brothers keepers in times of such challenges, believing that doing so could give citizens hope in the face of the seeming state of despair in Nigeria.


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