Our attention has been drawn to mischievous reports in some sections of the media to the effect that National chairman of the Peoples democratic Party, PDP, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff has been removed by an Abuja High Court.

While we note that the reports might have emanated from the wishful calculations of some desperate politicians seeking to take over the leadership of the PDP through the back door, we state as a matter of fact that nothing could be further from the truth in all the reports.

Ali Modu Sheriff was not a party in the said suit, neither was his name mentioned anywhere in the ruling. It should also be taken note of that there was no consequential order in that ruling to warrant the attendant insinuations. It is worthy of note that the law does not take implied effects on people.

It is pertinent to state that, the court merely voided the processes leading to the amendment of the PDP constitution in 2014, while Sheriff’s emergence was covered by the provisions of the amendment of that same constitution of 2012.

We therefore call on the public especially teaming members of the Peoples Democratic Party, nationwide to disregard the reports, purported to have been informed by a court ruling.

We commend those media houses that quickly withdrew the reports from their bulletins on realizing that it was a mere mischief.


Inuwa Bwala

Special Adviser Media and Publicity to National Chairman of the PDP


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