Terry G Asserts Marriage Not Recommended for Musicians

Singer Gabriel Oche Amanyi, famously known as Terry G, has voiced his opinion that marriage is not advisable for musicians, suggesting it could hinder their connection with opposite-sex fans.

Appearing as a guest on The Honest Bunch Podcast, Terry G emphasized the importance of opposite-sex fans in the music industry, referring to them as the “juice” that keeps it vibrant. He expressed concerns that marriage could potentially alienate these fans, leading to a decline in popularity for musicians.

According to Terry G, marriage could restrict interactions with female fans and limit the artist’s appeal. He argued that the announcement of marriage could negatively impact a musician’s female fanbase, as it may be perceived as a loss of availability and desirability.

In Nigeria, Terry G noted, there’s a cultural belief that marriage signifies being “out of the market,” implying a decline in attractiveness and relevance. He suggested that staying unmarried allows musicians to remain “hot” and desirable in the eyes of their fans.

Overall, Terry G’s perspective highlights the complexities of maintaining a public image as a musician and the perceived impact of marital status on fan engagement and popularity in the music industry.


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