The Elite Eight: Footballers Who Never Saw Red

BY Milcah Tanimu

Football is a contact sport where players often face the risk of being booked for various offenses. However, some players have managed to avoid receiving a red card throughout their entire careers, a feat that sets them apart. Here are eight remarkable footballers who never saw a red card:

  1. Michel Platini: One of France’s greatest footballers and former UEFA president, Platini played 652 matches for club and country without ever being sent off.
  2. Gary Lineker: This English striker, known for his time with Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, and Barcelona, remarkably avoided both yellow and red cards in over 500 games.
  3. Raul Gonzalez: Spending 16 years at Real Madrid, Raul played 1,044 matches without receiving a red card, despite being booked 46 times.
  4. Karim Benzema: The prolific Real Madrid forward has won numerous trophies without ever being sent off, showcasing his discipline on the field.
  5. Andres Iniesta: Regarded as one of the greatest midfielders, Iniesta played over 800 matches for Barcelona and Spain, never receiving a red card despite his influential role.
  6. Philipp Lahm: This versatile Bayern Munich legend demonstrated remarkable composure, playing without ever being sent off despite numerous appearances as a defender.
  7. Damien Duff: The Irish winger enjoyed a successful career spanning over 19 years, avoiding a red card thanks to his calm demeanor on the pitch.
  8. Hernan Crespo: A prolific Argentine striker, Crespo scored over 300 goals in his career without ever seeing a red card, showcasing his skill and discipline.

These footballers’ remarkable records demonstrate not only their talent but also their ability to maintain discipline and composure throughout their careers.


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