Tiwa Savage Embraces Acting in “Water and Garri”

Tiwa Savage, renowned for her musical prowess, is stepping into the world of acting with her upcoming film “Water and Garri.” In a recent interview, Savage expressed her long-standing desire to pursue acting, revealing that it was her first love before music.

For Savage, “Water and Garri” presented a perfect opportunity to fulfill her acting aspirations. The film, narrated from a female perspective, resonated deeply with her. It follows the journey of a Nigerian fashion designer who returns to her homeland after achieving success in the US.

Savage highlighted the importance of storytelling from a female viewpoint, emphasizing her advocacy for more representation of women in the film industry, particularly in Nollywood and African cinema.

Furthermore, she discussed the global rise of Afrobeats music, noting its roots in African genres like R&B, jazz, and soul. Savage sees Afrobeats’ prominence as a significant moment, reconnecting with Africa’s rich musical heritage and bringing its soulful rhythms to the forefront of commercial music once again.

With “Water and Garri” marking her debut in the world of acting, Tiwa Savage continues to diversify her creative portfolio while advocating for greater female representation and celebrating Africa’s cultural contributions to the global music scene.


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