Tragedy Strikes as Migrant Electrocuted Atop Eurostar Train in Paris Station

In a tragic incident, a man lost his life due to an electric shock while atop a stationary Eurostar train at Gare du Nord station in Paris. According to information from a police source and prosecutors on Friday, the incident occurred around 10:00 pm on Thursday.

The man reportedly crossed tracks from another platform to reach the Eurostar, resulting in a fatal electric shock. The police source mentioned that the individual, identified as a migrant through security camera footage, succumbed to the shock and was declared dead at the scene approximately 30 minutes later. Unfortunately, the condition of the body hindered a more precise identification.

Paris prosecutors have initiated an investigation into the matter, with border police at Gare du Nord leading the inquiry. Eurostar trains departing from this station connect Paris to the capitals of Belgium and the Netherlands, including Brussels and Amsterdam, as well as to London through the Channel Tunnel.

This incident follows recent announcements by Paris and London to intensify efforts in preventing irregular crossings by migrants to the UK, particularly those using small boats to traverse the Channel. The tragic event underscores the complex challenges faced by migrants seeking alternative routes and the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address their safety and well-being.


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