Vegetable Sellers Boss Want Members To Pay Levy

By Sule  ALIYU,   Bauchi

Chairman, Bauchi State Branch of the National Association of Fruits & Vegetables’ Sellers (Gwari), Umar Mu’azu Kaura has advised those he tagged ‘unrecognized’ market traders group in Bauchi to withdraw their threat of not paying market revenue until their certain demand is met by the government.

Kaura, who said that he heard about the group’s threat to the government Thursday via electronic media in the state, noted that the unrecognized group’s demand is the disbandment of C & C market and attach petty traders at Central, Wunti and Sabuwar Kasuwa markets in Bauchi metropolis.

The Bauchi fruits sellers’ chief explained that without attach’ petty traders at the markets, the so-called big traders will not have their marketing flourishing, saying attach’ petty traders were the wire-withal and backbone of the big traders in whichever market they operate.

Chairman Umar Kaura at an interview with newsmen in Bauchi Friday, said that it will be naïve for the so-called big traders to threaten the state or Local Government with conditional payment of market revenue, saying even the ground on which they operate belong to the government.

He therefore counseled his association members and the attach petty traders to pay their revenues as at when due to whichever the revenue is for, state or local government, and as law abiding citizens remain loyal to constituted authorities.

Kaura described as self-aggrandizement the purported demand by the so-called big traders to the government, querying “After all who are those unrecognized market traders’ group sending threat of revenue non-payment to the government”.

“My association and its teeming members as bona-fide citizens of Bauchi state are against the disbandment of attach petty traders at Central, Wunti and Sabuwar Kasuwa markets, and the closure of C & C market being championed by the so-called big traders”.

He also wondered how the so-called big traders across Central, Wunti and Sabuwar Kasuwa markets constituted themselves a group to stage a war against the government on payment of revenues that are meant to boost the socio-economic development of the state.


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