Why Speaker Balarebe Abdullahi should return for another tenure

From Leo, Zuanke, Lafia

Once elected into office, Speaker Balarabe Abdullahi wasted no time in making an impact in his constituency. Within his first 100 days in office, he made significant donations to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Umaisha/Ugya Constituency, sinking 10 boreholes across the six electoral wards of the constituency, and donating six motorbikes to the APC ward secretaries.

However, the Speaker was just getting started. Over the next year, he rolled out programmes that totaled N14 million in cost. These programs were aimed at improving the lives of the people in the riverine areas, empowering youth and women groups, and supporting them.

Balarabe Abdullahi, a Nigerian politician, recently marked his two years in office by empowering his constituents with over N16million worth of aid. The aid was broken down into several categories, including educational support, financial empowerment, and material donations.

For the women in his constituency, Balarabe donated 700 wrappers, 65 sewing machines, and 12 refrigerators and generating sets to women leaders and their deputies in the six electoral wards. He also financially empowered 100 women with #30,000 each.

Under his “Balarabe Education Support Programmes,” he awarded 100 indigent students scholarships worth #20,000 each.

During his second tenure in office, Balarabe continued his efforts to improve the lives of his constituents. In the first six months alone, he donated N16million to various causes. This included cash donations of #30,000 each to 100 students and 100 women for start-up businesses.

He also donated 70 sewing machines, 70 grinding machines, 40 water pumps, 50 cartoons of herbicides, and 40 sprayers to boost farming activities in the area.

Balarabe’s efforts were well-received by the people in his constituency, who praised his dedication and commitment to their welfare. They expressed hope that he would continue to support and empower them throughout his tenure in office.

Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi, is a committed and concerned leader, has made significant contributions to his constituency through various projects and interventions. One such intervention was the installation of 350 solar street lights worth 23.5 million across 23 villages in the 6 electoral wards of Umaisha/Ugya constituency.

This not only beautified the area but also improved the security situation for the local residents. In addition to this, Ibrahim also lobbied and facilitated several projects for the constituency from the state government. One of these was the rehabilitation and construction of the dilapidated Toto/Umaisha road, which was undertaken during the administration of Governor Tanko Almakura and is currently undergoing another reconstruction by Governor Abdullahi Sule.

Ibrahim also facilitated the installation of 35KVA transformers in Toto, the headquarters of Toto Local Government, to boost rural electrification. He also facilitated the establishment of a mobile police command in Toto, which has significantly improved the security situation in the area.

Ibrahim’s commitment to education is also evident in his efforts to facilitate the construction of several classroom structures in various schools in his constituency.

He lobbied and facilitated the construction of a one-story classroom structure in Government Transferred School, Umaisha, where he attended his primary education.

He also facilitated the construction of another one-story building in Central Primary School, Umaisha, as well as blocks of three classrooms each in six other schools in his constituency, namely Umaisha Midtown Primary School, Sogene Primary School, Kokoto Primary School, Shege Primary School, Katakpa Primary School, and Dausu Primary School.

Additionally, he facilitated the construction of two blocks of three classrooms each in Ugya Primary School and Kuwa Primary School, respectively.

Ibrahim’s efforts have made a significant impact on his constituency, improving the lives of many people in the area.

Speaker Balarabe Abdullahi has also made significant contributions to his constituents securing over 110 employment opportunities for unemployed youths, graduates.

Others in various areas, including the civil service, health sector, state and federal universities, polytechnics, college of agriculture, teaching in schools, security services, among others. He has also secured political appointments for many of his constituents and Toto LG in general.

Furthermore, he has provided personal support and assistance to individuals and groups, including payment of WAEC/NECO fees for indigent students, payment of health bills, donation of vehicles to specific individuals, sponsorship of pilgrims, admissions into tertiary institutions, welfarism, support to flood victims, among other gestures.

The Speaker has also played a significant role in the installation of Ohinoyi Ogye, 13 years after the throne remained vacant. His efforts have paved the way for inspiration of some village heads, such as in Kuru, Ohizi, Abaza, Ugya, Shafan-Kwatto, Adadu, and Ahere, among others.

With the upcoming election in Umaisha/Ugya constituency, returning Speaker Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi to office remains the best option for the people.

He has demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of his constituents and the entire state. He is not just a Speaker, but a WALI OPANDA, JAGABAN TOTO, OKPETU OF IGU (Koton Karfe) and ASOR TAR-U-TIV Nasarawa State (The Peace Broker).


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