Yul Edochie Faces Criticism for Reaffirming Support for Tinubu

By Milcah Tanimu

Popular actor Yul Edochie is facing backlash from his followers after reiterating his support for Nigerian political figure Bola Ahmed Tinubu in a recent Instagram post. Edochie posted a picture of Tinubu and expressed his unwavering support, praying for the leader’s success in fixing Nigeria.

However, this stance has triggered strong reactions from some of his followers who voiced their discontent. One commenter expressed disappointment in Edochie’s change, stating, “Till this moment, I don’t know what the f**k is wrong with you. This is not the Yul I know years ago. Like tf, you have faded so well in my eyes cos what’s this man.”

Another follower pointed out the economic challenges, emphasizing the decline in the Naira to Dollar rate, “You stand by him and the dollar is currently #1500… is like this economy is not affecting you at all.”

Some criticized Edochie for inviting controversy with his post, saying, “Yul, I like you but what’s the need for this silly post? You just Dey set your self up for controversies.. I don tire to argue with people and I been defend you! With all due respect! You don’t have sense.”

This isn’t the first time Yul Edochie has faced criticism for publicly supporting Tinubu. Similar backlash occurred in August 2023 when he posted a picture wearing a traditional attire featuring Tinubu’s face and the caption, “Relax, Jagaban will fix Nigeria.”

Despite the disapproval, Yul Edochie appears unaffected and continues to stand by his support for Tinubu.


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