Zulum: Plying roads with over 100 tons load economic sabotage.



By Lateef Taiwo

Borno State Governor, Babagana Umaru Zulum, has described attitudes by some traders and owners of heavy-duty vehicles plying the Maiduguri – Gamboru Ngala road with loads exceeding 100 tons as economic sabotage.

Zulum stated this in Gamboru town of Ngala Local Government Council over the weekend in Gamboru.

Zulum highlighted the excessive strain that heavy trucks place on the road leading to accelerated deterioration.

He expressed concern over the long-term consequences of this practice, emphasizing that it undermines the federal government’s efforts to improve and expand the state’s infrastructure, hindering economic progress and development.

“It is sad to note what has been happening here. You can see trailers loaded with over 2,000 bags of cement or sugar. That entails more than 100 tons of commodities. This trend is only seen on this road and as a result, the road leading to Gamboru Ngala has been destroyed due to overload,” Zulum stated.

Furthermore, the governor emphasized the threat to public safety posed by overloaded trucks, citing the increased risk of accidents, particularly along the Maiduguri-Gamboru road. Zulum stressed the need for strict enforcement of weight regulations to protect both infrastructure and human lives.

The governor lamented that resulting from the impact of overloading, the bridge linking the Nigerian part of the border and other neighbouring countries was affected and nearly collapsed.

To address these concerns, Governor Zulum announced his administration’s plans to collaborate with relevant agencies of the federal government to address the issue effectively.

The governor also outlined a multifaceted approach, including increased enforcement of weight restrictions, strict implementation of penalties for violators and the establishment of weigh stations at strategic points along major transportation routes.

However, the governor noted that despite the government’s commitment to enhancing trans-border trade, appropriate measures will be implemented to maintain road infrastructure.

Zulum has lauded the efforts of the federal government for its commitment to revitalizing federal roads in Borno State.


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