New year: NYCN Warns Against Efforts To Divide Nation

The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has called on the Nigerian youth to shun all forms of actions capable of instigating violence or dissent against the government.

The NYCN in a new year message signed by its President, Solomon Adodo also urged the youths and indeed all Nigerians to shun all calls to promote messages of division along regional or religious lines stressing that the house divided against itself cannot stand.

“We are stronger and better as a united Nigeria. There are constitutional means to channel any demands of the youth. Any call for a violent revolution, ethnic secession, religious segregation or military take over is not only anti-patriotic but also antithetical to the forward voyage of Nigeria and shall be met with stiff resistance by the greater percentage of true patriots”, the NYCN warned.

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1ST JANUARY, 2021.


I warmly welcome all Nigerian youth to this great year that stretches ahead of us with so much prospects and certainly a fair dose of challenges that might be sure to pop up.

The succeeding year 2020 was indeed about the most challenging year for our country post independence aside the years of the Nigerian Civil War. The Covid-19 Pandemic dealt lethal blows that took the lives of fellow citizens and also negatively altered our economic fortunes as a nation and wellbeing as citizens. The period of the #EndSARS Protest was another boiling point in the life of our dear nation and several of our Comrades paid the Supreme price to uphold the honor and glory of Nigeria, may their souls find eternal rest.

It remains an incontrovertible fact that diverse nations have been through their trying times and also from varying parspectives yet most of these nations rose from their ruins and rubbles to rebuild economies and systems that are today the envy of the world. The principal drivers of the change in fortunes for the respective nation’s have been the youth. I am therefore optimistic that the Nigerian Youth will rise to the plinth of patriotism and build a great country leaning on our comparative advantages in diverse areas.

In trying moments as this, it is normal that divergent views will be held. Quite many will be quick to criticize the government, a great number will stand aloof while only a sparse few will proffer solutions. It is imperative that we all be reminded that we have no other nation than Nigeria and we should stand united to move our country forward. I urge all Nigerian youth to rise in partnership with government at all levels and move the country to greatness.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria uses this medium to call on the Nigerian youth to shun all forms of calls to violence or dissent against the government. We should also shun all calls to promote messages of division along regional or religious lines. A house divided against itself cannot stand we are stronger and better as a united Nigeria. There are constitutional means to channel any demands of the youth. Any call for a violent revolution, ethnic secession, religious segregation or military take over is not only anti-patriotic but also antithetical to the forward voyage of Nigeria and shall be met with stiff resistance by the greater percentage of true patriots.

It should not escape our memories that the Federal Government has rolled out several economic stimulus funds geared at assuaging the plight of the youth on the one hand whilst also placing us in the driver’s seat to build a more robust economy. This underscores the firm belief of Mr. President in the innovative prowess and boundless potentials of the Nigerian Youth. The MSME Survival Fund has helped small and micro enterprise stay afloat, the NIRSAL Loans have helped start up new businesses, several other intervention funds have been provided through Development Finance Institutions to finance working capital needs, asset acquisition and business expansion; most recently a the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund specifically meant for businesses to be piloted by youths was launched. These are sure springboards from which we can begin the rebuilding of our economy again. We urge the respective State governments to play their contributory roles in funding Youth enterprises while we commend States like Benue, Lagos and Kogi amongst others which have set up special funds for young citizens interested in economic productivity. May I reiterate that the future holds bright promises right before us and we must not despair but remain resolute in the arduous task of blazing new trails.

In our bid to narrow the gap between the Nigerian economy and that of developed countries, we shall be embarking of massive trainings nationwide in partnership with the government at all levels, multinational companies and international development partners. Our target is to equip and organize the youth into specific productivity clusters across the country along the respective areas of comparative advantage. Nigeria is a big market and an increase in productivity of what we consume will sure boost the economy of the country and create jobs for the youth.

We shall also intensify on our activities to combat climate change through massive afforestation, improved reliance on renewable energy and promoting efficient waste disposal systems. We shall intensify our food security programs while also developing innovative strategies to curb insurgency, banditry and other related crimes in partnership with the nation’s Security Agencies.

Indeed, there is much work to be done. This is not the time for lamentations and rebellion, Nigeria needs us now more than ever. Our present situation offers us unique privileges respectively to emerge as heroes present by dint of unwavering commitment to nation building. For an umpteenth time, I call on the Youth to shun all narratives tailored at creating division in our nation. Let us roll up our sleeves, unite with one vision and move Nigeria forward on the path of development and economic growth.

We shall succeed together!

God bless the Nigerian Youth!
God bless the National Youth Council of Nigeria!!
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Solomon Adodo
National Youth Council of Nigeria


Special Adviser Meadi to National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff has demanded for the immediate retraction of and apology from the Attorney General and commissioner of Justice in Borno state, Kaka Shehu, over statements credited to him during the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA Conference in Port Harcourt, to the effect that he accused Sheriff of being the mastermind of the Boko Haram sect.

Inuwa Bwala said in a statement on Wednessday that he would not have ordinarily responded to the irresponsible, mischievous and baseless statements, had it been made in the usual manner the Borno State government has always tried to smear the integrity of senator sheriff, even as their benefactor, but coming at the gathering of one of the noblest professionals in the country, we are constrained to state that, it is necessary to check the excesses of some rascals, posing as public officers.

He said, taking into consideration the fact that the said commissioner, whose emergence as a public officer remains questionable, and therefore lacking the competence to query the integrity of others, it is worthy of note, that there was never a commission of enquiry, instituted by the Borno State Government or the Federal Government that have found Sheriff culpable, neither has there ever been a security report indicting him, as being alleged.

Sheriff who has earlier warned on the consequences of any further derogatory comments about his person in connection with the Boko Haram saga, has already directed his lawyers to write to the Attorney General as well as the Borno State Government demanding for the immediate retraction of the statement and an unreserved apology, as he make plans to drag the Commissioner to court and demand N10 Billion as damages.

Mr Bwala while describing the Commissioner’s comments, which is from all indications the reflection of the official position of the Borno State Government as rascally and the height of sycophancy, Sheriff wishes to state that, having the caliber of Kaka Shehu as the Attorney General of a state is a sad commentary and choosing the Bar Conference as the veritable avenue to further the agenda of his paymasters, was a sacrilege and disservice to the noble profession.

It is common knowledge that casting aspersions on the personality of a highly revered statesman like Ali Modu Sheriff, who bequeathed to his Kaka Shehu’s boss a potentially prosperous state, has become a favorite pastime amongst Borno State Government Officials, and the NBA made a grievous mistake in allowing its conference to be hijacked by one of such agents.

It may interest Nigerians to know that since Sheriff’s Government began a clampdown on the radicalization of sermons, with the proscription of Boko Haram, Sheriff has remained the number one enemy of the sect. Very often they have pronounced death upon him. His family has remained most vulnerable as his own blood brother has been killed by Boko Haram. Three of his relations, including his Governorship candidate had felled to Boko Haram bullets. Several attempts have been made to kill him. His personal; houses have been razed down by Boko Haram, amongst so many other dangers he has been facing.

It is most uncharitable to accuse a man who has suffered most in the hands of Boko  Haram as being their sponsor. Common knowledge dictates that he could not have founded and sponsored a group that kills his brothers, burn his property and threatens his existence.

Records have it that  Boko Haram has a long and intriguing history, predating sheriff’s emergence as the Governor of Borno in 2003. It is verifiable that Boko Haram metamorphosed from the assemblage of some young Muslim radicals in  Kanama, Yobe State in 2003 and it’s  unholy pronouncements may have given rise to the radical sermons, which sheriff’s Government proscribed immediately he came on board.

It is a truism that at the point of Sheriff’s  departure in 2011, there was no single Borno state territory under Boko  Haram control. It is a fact that no single citizen has been displaced from his or her home by Boko Haram while Sheriff was Governor. It is incontrovertible fact, that, there was no single displaced persons camp in any part of the State or anywhere. Against this background, we expect the Borno state government to own up to its failure and the culpability of its officials in the book Haram saga, and stop looking for a scapegoat.


Inuwa Bwala

Special Adviser media To senator Ali Modu Sheriff