Frontiers For Democracy Advocates Switch to Parliamentary System for Nigeria

Frontiers For Democracy, a prominent advocacy organization dedicated to upholding democratic principles and fostering good governance, has issued a call for support in transitioning to a parliamentary system of government in Nigeria.

In a joint press release on Thursday, signed by Convener Mr. Tonye Inioribo, Co-convener Dr. Greenstone Emmanuel, and other executives, the organization highlighted the potential benefits of adopting a parliamentary system, emphasizing its capacity to enhance accountability, inclusivity, and stability within the country’s governance structure.

The statement outlined key advantages of a parliamentary system, including:

1. Enhanced Accountability: A direct link between the executive and legislative branches promotes greater accountability, reducing the risk of corruption and unchecked power.

2. Inclusivity and Representation: Coalition governments fostered by the parliamentary system ensure a broader range of voices and perspectives, strengthening the democratic process.

3. Flexibility and Responsiveness: Swift decision-making and policy implementation, along with the ability to hold the executive accountable through votes of no confidence, ensure responsiveness to the needs of the Nigerian people.

4. Stable Governance: Coalition governments contribute to stability, minimizing political gridlock and frequent changes in leadership, creating an environment conducive to long-term planning and sustainable development.

Frontiers For Democracy urged elected lawmakers, civil society organizations, and the Nigerian public to unite in advocating for the switch to a parliamentary system. The organization stressed the importance of open dialogue, awareness-raising, and collaboration to drive necessary reforms.

The press release concluded with a commitment from Frontiers For Democracy to allocate resources to engage the masses and critical stakeholders across the country. The organization aims to encourage active participation in the public discourse surrounding the transition to a parliamentary system, believing that this change will foster better governance, accountability, and representation in Nigeria, ultimately leading to a stronger democracy serving the interests of the Nigerian people.


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