CSO commends Army Chief over fight against Terrorists, Bandits

A rights group, Conference of Civil Society for Peace, Security and National Development (CCSPSNP) has commended the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Lagbaja for his skilled coordination of the military which has led to the capture of many informants and elimination of top BokoHaram and ISWAP commanders in different forests across the country.

The Conveners of the Civil Society group, Chief Michael Msuaan and Dr. Adamu Mohammed praised the Chief of Army Staff and the military for maintaining high tempore and keeping the morale of the soldiers high ever since assumption of office.

Notably, the group said the current chief of Army Staff Lt Gen. Lagbaja vowed on assumption of duty that the military under his watch will not condone the activities of unknown gunmen in the south east who held the people captive and declared a compulsory sit at home in the zone.

“Their activities reduced a bubbling economic zone into a grave yard with lives of people who dared to disobey the gun wading men eliminated and properties destroyed. Today, the activities of the unknown gunmen have been crushed and normal life has returned to the south east with no more forceful sit at home. There is a breath of fresh air in the zone”, the statement stated.

The CSO noted a significant reduction of BokoHaram and bandits activities along the axis of Kaduna, Zamfara and Niger States and attributed it to the intensive military onslaught on the criminals in the area. These states which used to be hot heads of criminal activities have witnessed reduced violence with just pockets of cowardly attacks on the soft spot which will soon be nipped in the bud by the superior force of the military under the leadership of Lt Gen. Lagbaja.

The groupfurther extolled the leadership trait of Lagbaja which they described as leading from the front. They attributed the high morale of the soldiers and their operational efficiency to the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Lagbaja who has continued to provide effective leadership and enhanced welfare support for the troops.

The CSO also noted the significant improvement in oil production and reduction in oil bunkering in the country. Troops of the Nigerian Army have continued to tackle activities of pipeline vandals and oil thieves in the Niger Delta arresting and destroying several illegal refineries in the oil rich region for enhanced revenue generation for the country.

Similarly, the activities of herdsmen leading to clashes with the farmers have also reduced significantly in the past months under the watch of Lagbaja and hope rises that such activities which has become a threat to food security will be permanently put to an end.

The CSO highlighted the procurement of modern weapons and equipment for the Nigerian military under Lagbaja and commended the military engineers for constructing some of the equipment locally.

“The improvement on the present standard of the Nigerian Army on training, education of the leadership cadre and welfare of families of both the living and the deceased under Gen. Lagbaja come highly commendable”, the CSO opined.

It also called on the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to continue to give support and funding to the Nigerian military. The government must not fall for the blackmail of few enemies of the country who are bent on Disuniting the country and by sponsoring insecurity.

“Nigerians must sustain their prayers and support for the military” the group concluded


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