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…pass vote of confidence on Chief Judge Nigeria

Three non-profit organizations, Lawyers in Defence of Good Governance and Democracy, LIDOGG, Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria, COCSON, and the Bloggers and Vloggers, Content Creators Association in Nigeria, BAVCCA, Wednesday, declared allegations of corruption and nepotism leveled against the Chief Judge of he Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Justice Husseini Baba-Yusuf as baseless.

The CSOs made their declaration during a press conference held in Abuja in light of the allegations raised in a recent audit report, where they also passed a vote of confidence on Justice Baba-Yusuf.

The Conveners of the group, Comrade Adewale Ogunnoiki, Barr. Caroline Bello and Dr Ibrahim Abubakar, expressed pain as and described the unnecessary attacks on the judiciary as unfortunate, whereby subjecting the judiciary to ridicule in the course of their duty, hence the judges are not allowed to defend themselves despite the alleged media attacks they receive.

It will be recalled that an online media according to them without a verifiable address made a publication on February 4, 2024, where it alleged that the Federal Court in Nigeria paid the sum of N1.5 billion for vehicle contracts without any evidence to support these transactions. The audit report suggested a lack of proper documentation and transparency in the process of awarding and executing these contracts.

Meanwhile, Comrade Adewale Ogunnoiki, cautioned that it is imperative to consider Justice Baba-Yusuf’s proven track records which are devoid of any corruption before making hasty judgments based on allegations alone.

He said: “We, as representatives of LIDOGG, BAVCCA COCSON, have conducted our investigations into these allegations to ensure that we present a fair and balanced perspective.

“After careful analysis of the available facts, we reiterate our vote of confidence on the Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory.”

Meanwhile, the groups highlighted Reasons for Vote of Confidence passed on Justice Baba-Yusuf; Integrity and Reputation: The Chief Judge has built a reputation for integrity, fairness, and professionalism throughout his career. It is crucial to consider this track record before making hasty judgments based on allegations alone.

“No Evidence: There is no evidence to back up this false and fabricated story. This is an unverified story concocted just to malign the integrity of the Chief Judge.

“Due Process: The legal system in Nigeria provides a framework for addressing allegations of misconduct. We encourage all parties involved to follow due process and allow investigations to take place unhindered.

“Commitment to Accountability: The Chief Judge has consistently demonstrated a commitment to transparency and accountability in the judiciary. It is essential to recognize and appreciate these efforts in ensuring an impartial justice system.”

He therefore urged all parties involved, including government agencies and the public, to allow a the Chief Judge to breathe and refrain from engaging in character assassination or spreading unverified information.

In a related development, the group also condemned the recent nepotism allegations leveled against the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, which according to them, Justice Ariwoola never influenced the National Judicial Council, NJC, into appointing his relatives, who are heading diverse positions across the judiciary bureaucracy.

“The propagators of this fake news are disgruntled element, who are hell bent at looking for a bad name to tarnish and discredit the reputation of the CJN.

“We therefore call on Nigerians to discard this cheap blackmail from persons who are out to defame Justice Ariwoola, who has positively transform the judiciary and reposition it for high productivity.

“He (Justice Ariwoola) has been able, through his proactive and pragmatic steps to improve the sanity and independence of the judiciary”, they said.

Meanwhile, the groups pointed out that even members of the Bench and Bar including the Judiciary staff have showered encomium on his sterling performance, since he took over the helm of affairs of the Judiciary in the country.


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