Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, was notably absent as the member panel concluded its investigation into allegations of perjury.



Led by retired Justice S. A. Omonuwa, the panel, which convened in Benin, the state capital, began its proceedings on Wednesday and wrapped up on Friday without Shaibu or his legal representation appearing.

Initially scheduled for Thursday, Shaibu was expected to present his defense, but failing to do so prompted an extension until Friday, which also went unfulfilled.

The Edo State House of Assembly, acting as the petitioner, had presented its case on Wednesday, creating an opening for Shaibu to counter the allegations.

While Shaibu’s counsel, Oladoyin Awoyale, attended the initial hearing, he withdrew during the session after his request to suspend proceedings, pending the outcome of Shaibu’s suit in Abuja, was denied by the panel.

In Awoyale’s absence, the Assembly’s Deputy Clerk, Joe Ohiafi, proceeded to present the case against Shaibu, alleging that he breached confidentiality by disclosing state government information in his Abuja affidavit.

Specifically, Ohiafi claimed that Shaibu revealed details from State Executive Council meetings, violating the Oath of Secrecy and constitutional provisions.

Represented by its Legal Officer, N.U. Ibrahim, the assembly reiterated its stance during Friday’s session, where the panel, chaired by Omonuwa, made the final adjournment, signaling the conclusion of proceedings pending the panel’s report submission as required by the constitution.