Ekiti South PDP Leaders Endorse Zoning Proposal for State Congress

By Milcah Tanimu

Leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti South Senatorial District have expressed their support for a zoning proposal put forward by the State Working Committee (SWC) in preparation for the upcoming state congress. In a joint statement released on Thursday, the leaders emphasized the importance of fairness and justice, noting that the SWC has proposed that the next PDP chairman should come from the South Senatorial District.

The statement was signed by prominent PDP members, including former Deputy Governor Professor Kolapo Olusola-Eleka, former House of Representatives member Hon. Adesegun Adekola, former Attorney General of the state Kolapo Kolade, SAN, current Deputy State Chairman Hon. Lanre Omolase, and several other key figures.

Key Points from the Statement:

  • Support for SWC Proposal: The leaders endorsed the SWC’s zoning proposal, highlighting the importance of adhering to the party’s tradition of rotating positions to ensure equity and inclusiveness within the party structure.
  • Call for Unity and Focus on Party Interest: They urged party members who oppose the proposal to prioritize the PDP’s overall interest over personal ambitions. They stressed that the final decision on zoning would be made by the State Executive Committee, which has the authority to refine or modify the SWC’s proposal.
  • Condemnation of Ulterior Motives: The leaders criticized attempts to cause confusion and unrest within the party, attributing such actions to selfish interests. They warned that leveraging the state chairman position to undermine the South Senatorial District’s chances of producing a gubernatorial candidate in the 2026 elections is deceitful.
  • Rejection of Exclusion in Decision-Making: The statement condemned the exclusion of key stakeholders from recent meetings of the South Senatorial District. They clarified that some individuals listed in a communique from such a meeting were not present and had not endorsed the document.
  • Appreciation for SWC’s Efforts: The leaders commended the SWC for its proactive steps in revitalizing the party and expressed confidence that sound judgment would prevail, leading to a peaceful resolution of any disagreements.


The leaders concluded by reaffirming their support for the SWC and its chairman, expressing hope that their efforts would have a lasting positive impact on the party as their tenure approaches its conclusion. They emphasized the need for unity and adherence to the party’s established traditions to ensure the continued strength and success of the PDP in Ekiti State.


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