Emir of Kano Urges Traders to Lower Food Prices Ahead of Ramadan



By Milcah Tanimu

During the launch of the book “Dauloli a Kasar Hausa” (Kingdoms in Hausaland) by Prof. Sa’idu-Mohammed Gusau, the Emir of Kano issued a call to traders to reduce food prices in preparation for the upcoming Ramadan season. The royal leader made this appeal in Zaria, emphasizing the importance of affordability for essential goods during this sacred month.

In addition to urging traders, the Emir also advised wealthy Nigerians to extend their support to the less privileged during Ramadan. He offered prayers for the well-being and protection of the people, hoping they would witness the sacred month in sound health, and that their prayers and sacrifices would be accepted.

The Emir commended the publisher of the book for shedding light on the administrative systems, trades, norms, and values of various Hausa Kingdoms, including Kano, Katsina, Zamfara, Kebbi, and Zazzau. The book, with 356 pages and seven chapters, was reviewed by Prof. Ahmed Zaria of Kaduna State University, who emphasized its significance for students and researchers in linguistics and history.

The publisher, Prof. Gusau, explained that the book aimed to harmonize the written history of the Hausa Kingdoms, providing a comprehensive view beyond individual kingdoms. He highlighted the book’s role in fostering harmony and unity among the Hausa kingdoms and other Nigerians.


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