Ex-Women Affairs Minister, Pauline Tallen, Offers Apology to NBA for ‘Kangaroo Judgment’ Remarks

Former Minister of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen, has issued an apology to the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) following her earlier comments referring to a “kangaroo judgment.” The apology comes in response to a December 18, 2023, ruling by an FCT High Court barring Tallen from holding public office, stemming from a case filed against her by the NBA.

Justice Peter Kekemeke, who presided over the case, directed Tallen to publish a personally signed apology letter to the NBA within a stipulated period to avoid the order becoming perpetual. In compliance with this directive, Tallen submitted an apology letter dated January 15, expressing regret over her previous remarks.

In her letter, Tallen clarified that her statement, deemed disparaging by the court, was misconstrued and quoted out of context. She asserted that the comment was not intended to undermine the judiciary’s integrity or incite civil disobedience against the Bar and the Bench.

The FCT High Court had strongly criticized Tallen’s alleged comments, labeling them as “disparaging,” “unconstitutional,” “careless,” and “reckless.” The court emphasized that her call to disobey the judgment was contemptuous of the Federal High Court of Nigeria.

The legal dispute arose from the Adamawa APC governorship primary elections in May 2022, where Sen. Aisha Dahiru (Binani) emerged victorious. Nuhu Ribadu, who contested the results, had his case heard by Justice Abdulaziz Anka, who nullified Binani’s victory citing non-compliance with electoral laws.

Tallen, then serving as the Minister of Women Affairs and an APC chieftain, publicly criticized the decision, terming it a ‘Kangaroo judgment’ and alleging bias against women in Nigerian politics. The NBA, under the leadership of President Yakubu Maikyau, sought an apology from Tallen, leading to legal action when she failed to comply with their demands.

Despite receiving a letter from the NBA dated November 14, 2023, requesting a withdrawal of her alleged disparaging comments and an unreserved public apology, Tallen did not respond or comply. This prompted the NBA to initiate legal proceedings against her before the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory.


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