Fresh Crisis Rocks NIPOST

Staff Allege over N300 million Siphoned.
By: Our Reporter

Heavenly has the dust settled over the crisis that rocked the Nigeria Postal Services, NIPOST, leading to the removal of it’s Dire Tor of Procurement, fresh crisis again loom as Operational staff of the organization revealed that they are being harassed and sometimes beaten by customers whose goods and services delivered to NIPOST for onward transportation overseas failed to reach destinations.
According to them, following the failure of the organization to move such items through the designated companies, goods were being wrongly routed or kept at their headquarters without delivering same.

They told reporters and n a chat that, NIPOST did not only convey mails but also food and nonfood items across the world.
They alleged that, a Company called Monai Cargo delivers NIPOST conveyances across the African countries and there has never been an issue with the company, however, a Company called Pelican Logistic, which is supposed to be conveying mails and other goods and services for NIPOST dramatically failed despite the amount of money NIPOST is paying this particular company on weekly basis since Dr. Ismail Adewusi took over as PostMaster General in December 2019.

Investigation into the activities of NIPOST recently revealed that over three hundred million naira (N300, 000,000.00) was misappropriated through the use of AIEs – Authority to Incur Expenditure as conduit pipe for siphoning money.

“He will send the AIEs and cash back them afterwards and then go on to collect the cash for his personal use. These criminal acts are being perpetrated alongside the Director of Finance who was imposed through the violation of civil service rules. That is why the PMG is finding it difficult to remove her despite a series of complaints by staff and directives from the board. It was also for the same reasons that the PMG despite understanding the illegality of allowing an uncertified person to head the procurement department was also reluctant to take necessary action by removing the Director of Procurement, who is unqualified because of his lack of background in procurement as well as his certification by Bureau of Public Procurement- BPP. “A staff member revealed.

Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIE) no. NPSF (R) 695 – 683 – 685 – 686 – 689 and many more from Lagos zone, Ibadan zone and Benin zone were quoted as the finance authority through the various former Zonal Managers for Mail conveyance, small tools and postal consumables, maintenance of building, utility services and many others with each running into millions of naira were forwarded approved and cash back where the PMG collect the cash afterwards.

“There is nothing like evacuation through the claims aligned to the AIEs. The PMG, the Director of Finance and the Director of Procurement are milking NIPOST dry. We also have it on good authority that he has asked the Director of Finance, who was directed by the board to hand over the affairs of the Finance Department in two weeks, which lapses at the end of March 2022 to play around and delay the process so as to have enough time to close gap on whatever misappropriation made under her, as he was also trying to figure out how to answer queries from the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy on the petitions against his administration of NIPOST.” Another Staff said.

Responding to questions recently on the misdoings in NIPOST, the Director Corporate Communications Mr. Franklyn Alao told Journalists that there is no need to talk on the ongoing issues in NIPOST as the Management have made some observations and found areas they need to make some adjustments. He also told newsmen that there is a need to build relationships to achieve results.


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