Governor Abba Yusuf Subsidizes 2024 Hajj for Kano Pilgrims

In a recent announcement, Governor Abba Yusuf of Kano State revealed a significant subsidy for intending pilgrims to the Hajj from the state. Posting on his Facebook page, Governor Yusuf stated that those who had initially deposited their fees for the pilgrimage to Mecca would benefit from a N500,000 subsidy.

The subsidy aims to alleviate the financial burden on Kano pilgrims, as it reduces their payment from the previously announced N1.9 million by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) to N1.4 million.

Governor Yusuf emphasized the importance of providing financial relief to intending pilgrims faced with the sudden increase in Hajj fare by NAHCON. With this subsidy, those who have registered and made the initial deposit with the State Pilgrims Board will now be required to deposit N1.4 million, instead of the N1.9 million increase.

The adjustment in rates came as a result of the exchange rate, which currently stands at N1,474.00 to a dollar. NAHCON cited this exchange rate as the reason for the fare hike, explaining that approximately 49,000 intending pilgrims under the public quota had initially paid N4.9 million each when the naira was valued at N897 to a dollar at banks.

Despite efforts to maintain the existing fare, NAHCON deemed it necessary to announce a new rate due to the prevailing economic conditions. Consequently, those who had previously paid the old fees of N4.9 million each are required to pay an additional N1.9 million by March 28th. Additionally, new registration fees have been set at N8.5 million.

Governor Abba Yusuf’s subsidy initiative aims to ease the financial strain on Kano pilgrims and ensure that they can fulfill their religious obligations without undue financial hardship.


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