Governor Oborevwori’s Administration: Transparency, Commitment, and Youth Empowerment

By Milcah Tanimu

Governor Sheriff Oborevwori of Delta State has emphasized his administration’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and inclusivity, stating that he has successfully managed state affairs for the past eight months without resorting to borrowing. He assured that workers and contractors have been consistently paid under his leadership.

During a solidarity visit by the Delta State Community Youth Forum at the Government House in Asaba, Governor Oborevwori expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of the coalition during his tenure. He acknowledged their steadfastness during challenging times, including legal disputes.

The Governor reiterated his pledge to govern for all Deltans and expressed appreciation for the overwhelming support shown by the youth. He emphasized his administration’s dedication to youth inclusion, highlighting the appointment of over 10 youths under 40 years old into key government positions.

Governor Oborevwori also shared achievements in his administration, including the employment of over 3,000 teaching and non-teaching staff within eight months. He affirmed his commitment to education by approving bursary payments for students, pending executive ratification.

Furthermore, the coalition, represented by Wiiska, reaffirmed their unwavering support for Governor Oborevwori until 2031. They celebrated his victory in the 2023 gubernatorial election and subsequent legal triumphs, expressing confidence in his ability to fulfill the “MORE Agenda” mandate.

The coalition, comprising 80 youth groups from diverse ethnic backgrounds across the state, pledged solidarity with Governor Oborevwori’s vision for Delta State, echoing their support with a declaration to stand by him until 2031.


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