ICPC interrogates agriculture ministry representatives about significant misconduct.

Five high-ranking officials from the Department of Farm Inputs Support Services within the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development were apprehended by ICPC agents due to alleged fund misappropriation.

The officials were reportedly detained around 9 am on Thursday during an operation at their office located in the Central Business District of Abuja.

While four of the officials were held for five days, the director was released earlier due to health concerns. This incident has caused unrest among other staff members in the ministry.

Insider sources claim the investigation revolves around the misuse of funds intended for farm input monitoring and awareness programs. This alleged misconduct has reportedly affected the evaluation and oversight of farming resources.

Shockingly, over N200m was discovered in the account of one official under scrutiny, with another N100m found in his child’s account. Additionally, a sum exceeding N250m was uncovered in an official’s Abuja residence.

In-depth investigation has also revealed a surge of over N60m into an implicated official’s account within half a year. The ICPC has since confiscated several properties, including a bakery and an herbal hospital.

The ICPC spokesperson, Azuka Ogugua, refrained from giving detailed comments, emphasizing their policy against media trials and ensuring transparency in court proceedings.


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