Kaduna: Governor Uba Sani Sets a New Standard for Leadership

Senator Uba Sani, the esteemed Governor of Kaduna State, is reshaping the landscape of political leadership, not just within Kaduna but across Nigeria. His tenure heralds a refreshing approach to public service, undoubtedly redefining political stewardship in the state.

Governor Uba Sani has consistently demonstrated his commitment to serving the people by effectively navigating through various challenges in the polity. His actions underscore the fundamental principle of governance: to enhance the lives of the populace.

In moments of crisis, Governor Uba Sani emerges as a dependable leader. His track record speaks for itself, with interventions that yield positive outcomes, time and again.

Recently, when tragedy struck Kuriga village with the abduction of students from Kuriga Primary and Secondary School, Governor Sani’s response was swift and decisive. His visit to the village wasn’t mere symbolism; it was a proactive engagement with community leaders and parents, aimed at addressing the crisis head-on. His presence conveyed solidarity and a firm commitment to securing the safe return of the abducted students.

Governor Uba Sani’s proactive approach extended beyond local boundaries. He promptly briefed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the security situation in Kaduna State, seeking collaborative strategies to ensure the safe return of the kidnapped students and combat criminal elements threatening the state’s peace.

In a display of resolute leadership, Governor Uba Sani relentlessly urged security agencies to expedite efforts to rescue the abducted students. Sixteen days later, his unwavering commitment bore fruit as the students were safely rescued and reunited with their families.

Governor Uba Sani’s leadership sets a high standard for responsiveness and accountability in governance, particularly during crises. His actions have not only restored faith in public stewardship but also instilled confidence among the people of Kuriga Village and beyond.


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