Korra Obidi Responds to Accusations of Infidelity and Clout Chasing by Ex-Husband

Korra Obidi, the Nigerian dancer based in the United States, has vehemently denied allegations made by her estranged husband suggesting that she cheated on him while pregnant with their child.

In response to his claims and the sharing of purported conversations implying her involvement with other individuals, Korra refuted the accusations, asserting that her ex-husband was seeking attention at her expense.

Describing him as a ‘desperado’ who struggles to move on from their divorce, Korra dismissed the allegations as attempts to garner publicity using her name.

She stated, “Bloggers are now learning clout chasing from Mr. Justin Dean. Even after an accident that gained attention, he is now dredging up chats from two years ago.”

Korra urged her supporters to be discerning, emphasizing that her ex-husband’s actions were fueled by a desire for relevance. She highlighted that he initiated divorce proceedings at the peak of her career breakthrough, suggesting his discomfort with attention not directed towards him.

She concluded, “This is two years later, and he is still fixated on me because his relevance hinges on invoking my name.”


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