Layi Wasabi Speaks Out: Why I Avoid Nudity in My Skits

By Milcah Tanimu

In a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, rising skit maker Layi Wasabi shared insights into his decision not to incorporate nudity into his comedy sketches. Layi explained that his style of humor doesn’t require such elements, emphasizing that comedy is about effortlessly creating content.

Originally from Osogbo, Layi’s journey into content creation began in his hometown before he moved to Lagos to expand his reach and career prospects. He strategically chose Lagos to further his hustle in the competitive entertainment industry.

During the interview, Layi also revealed the origin of his character, ‘Layi,’ which he developed during his service year at the Ministry of Justice in Ibadan. Inspired by the demeanor and appearance of certain lawyers, Layi crafted his comedic persona, drawing from real-life experiences and observations.


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