Michael B. Jordan Reveals Desire to Visit Ghana

American actor Michael B. Jordan has revealed his strong desire to visit Ghana, expressing enthusiasm for immersing himself in the vibrant culture and rich heritage of the West African nation.

During a guest appearance on the latest episode of The Culture Joint podcast, the ‘Black Panther’ actor shared his longing to explore Ghana, citing its deep-rooted history and lively culture as major draws.

Jordan expressed, “A place that I’ve been longing to visit is Ghana. I’ve been trying to go spend some time there but every time I am planning to go, something I can’t explain will just pop.”

He added, “I’ve heard incredible things about Ghana and its deep-rooted history and lively culture. The welcoming atmosphere is something I’ve always wanted to experience.”

Ghana has increasingly become a top destination for African-Americans, with notable figures such as Meek Mill, Chance The Rapper, Ludacris, Usher, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, and others visiting the country in recent years.


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