Minister Ignites Controversy Over N40bn Metering Contract Award to Foreign Firm

By Milcah Tanimu

The Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, has sparked controversy following the Federal Government’s decision to award a N40 billion mass metering contract to a foreign firm, De Haryor Global, sidelining indigenous meter manufacturers. Despite the government’s assertion that the move aims to eliminate estimated billing in the sector, stakeholders have criticized the decision, citing concerns over the foreign firm’s track record and the neglect of local businesses.

Adetayo Adegbemle, Executive Director of PowerUp Nigeria, raised objections to the contract, pointing out that De Haryor Global lacks a proven record in handling projects of such magnitude. He emphasized the absence of evidence of a transparent bidding process and questioned the eligibility of the company for the contract.

Similarly, Atinuke Owolabi, Convener of the Coalition of Professional Women in Politics, expressed dismay over the potential negative impact on Nigeria’s economy, emphasizing the need to prioritize local content and support for domestic businesses. Owolabi highlighted the risk of exacerbating the foreign exchange crisis and exporting job opportunities meant for Nigerians.

In response, Minister Adelabu defended the contract award, asserting that due process was followed and emphasizing that De Haryor Global had been in existence since 2009. He clarified that the contract value is N12.7 billion, with only a portion allocated to metering military formations.

Despite the minister’s explanations, concerns persist among stakeholders regarding transparency, local content, and the economic implications of the contract award. The controversy underscores the importance of balancing foreign investment with the promotion of indigenous industries for sustainable economic development.


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