Miyetti Allah President, Bello Bodejo, Denies Criminal Record in Court Appearance



In a recent court appearance at the Federal High Court in Abuja, Bello Bodejo, the detained President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, stated that he possesses no criminal record. Bodejo’s assertion came during a motion for bail presented by his lawyer, Ahmed Raji, SAN, citing concerns over his health while in custody.

Bodejo, who faces charges related to the alleged formation of an armed militia detrimental to national unity, emphasized his innocence and highlighted his health struggles behind bars. The motion, filed with charge number FHC/ABJ/CR/141/2024 on March 28, requested bail on lenient terms pending the resolution of the case against him.

Arrested on January 23 in Malia, Nasarawa State, and held by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), Bodejo was formally arraigned before Justice Inyang Ekwo on March 22 on three counts related to terrorism.

In his plea for bail, Bodejo cited nine grounds, asserting that the charges against him were bailable and underscoring his unblemished record. He invoked constitutional principles of innocence until proven guilty and argued that the prosecution had not established a prima facie case against him.

Moreover, Bodejo pledged non-interference with the investigation and vowed to adhere to trial procedures diligently. He expressed readiness to provide suitable sureties as mandated by the court.

However, a counter affidavit filed by Noma Wando, a litigation clerk in the Department of Public Prosecutions at the Federal Ministry of Justice, opposed Bodejo’s bail request. Wando argued that Bodejo’s charges involved terrorism-related offenses, including the alleged establishment of an ethnic militia in Nasarawa State, activities prejudicial to national security, and provision of material support for such acts.

Furthermore, Wando contested claims of Bodejo’s deteriorating health, asserting that his medical needs were adequately addressed at the DIA Medical Centre, Abuja.

During the recent court session, Bodejo’s counsel, Dr. Sulaiman Usman, SAN, requested an adjournment to address the prosecution’s counter affidavit, which had been served the previous day. Additionally, Usman sought an order for Bodejo to have access to his legal team, a request not opposed by the prosecution.

While the legal proceedings unfold, the case continues to draw attention, underscoring the complexities surrounding issues of security and ethnic tensions in Nigeria.


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